For us, stepping aboard Ladona is about an experience: sailing, camaraderie, the beautiful Maine coastline, food, wine, music—all in an authentic and unscripted way. In our newest specialty cruise, explore the art of bar craft, taking fresh, handmade ingredients and creating an experience worth imbibing.

Anchor dropped and cocktail class underway. Teetotalers welcome!

Anchor dropped and cocktail class underway. Teetotalers welcome!

What can I expect on this cruise?

We're teaming up with Lara Nixon of Bad Dog Bar Craft to share her knowledge and expertise. Throughout the cruise, you’ll learn the art of cocktail making using fresh and unique ingredients. Lara will create several beverages throughout each day, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Once we’ve anchored for the evening, we might gather for a demonstration, chat about the history of specific drinks, or demystify terms like negroni, shrubs, and bitters. With summer weather, you’ll likely be sipping away at a refreshing cocktail, while cooler fall evenings may call for a hot toddy bar.

What are the Bar Craft sailing dates?

We’re offering multiple opportunities on our two schooners in 2019 and 2020:

  • Jun 23–27, 2019 (during Negroni Week; read below!)

  • Sep 27–Oct 1, 2019

  • Oct 3–7, 2019, on our sister ship the Stephen Taber

  • Jun 24–28, 2020

  • Oct 2–6, 2020

  • Oct 8–12, 2020, on our sister ship the Stephen Taber.

Join us for Negroni Week

If you’re looking for that extra special twist, join us on our cruise June 23–27 for Negroni Week. Ladona is a participating venue in this nationwide charity fundraiser and supporter of the Surfrider Foundation. We’ll be dedicating one evening to the negroni cocktail itself.