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2018 Cruise Schedule



Cruise Description

Per Person / Discounted Rate

Jun 2–6
4 nights (Sat–Wed)

4-Night Cruise

$1,098 / $1,043

Jun 9–13
4 nights (Sat–Wed)

Live Music and Fleet Rendezvous
This cruise features a "gam", a festive gathering of Maine's magnificent schooner fleet to celebrate America's maritime heritage. By day we'll sail in company. Each evening, musicians aboard sister ship Stephen Taber will add an upbeat note to the air.

$1,228/ $1,167

Jun 13–17
4 nights (Wed–Sun)

4-Night Cruise

$1,228 / $1,167

Jun 19–23
4 nights (Tue–Sat)

Summer Solstice and Music Cruise
We’ll raft up each evening alongside sister ship Stephen Taber to unwind with an informal yet intimate concert provided by Jenn Schott and Melissa Peirce. These two accomplished Nashville-based recording artists will be joined by the musically gifted captains of both ships.

$1,248 / $1,186

Jun 24–28

Booked for Private Charter (book your group outing with us)

Jun 28–Jul 1
3 nights (Thu–Sun)

3-Night Cruise

$1,098 / $1,043

Jul 2–7
5 nights (Mon–Sat)

The Great Schooner Race
Our week of sailing will culminate in one of the most exciting days of the season. Known as North America’s largest annual gathering of tall ships, the Great Schooner Race attracts more than two dozen windjammers. The Ladona looks to defend her title as 2017’s fastest ship in her class. Sailing experience not necessary.

$1,888 / $1,794

Jul 7–11
4 nights (Sat–Wed)

4-Night Cruise

$1,648 / $1,566

Jul 12–16
4 nights (Thu–Mon)

Live Music Cruise with the Charlie Nobles
By day, we’ll explore the coast. Each evening, we'll raft up with sister ship the Stephen Taber. Her house band featuring Chicky, Jed, and Tom will add an upbeat note to the air with a mix of jazz, blues, and Americana.

$1,648 / $1,566

Jul 17–21
4 nights (Tue–Sat)

Penobscot Bay Food Journey with Down East Magazine
In partnership with Down East Magazine, we’ve tailored this cruise for foodies and adventurers alike. Experience a farm-to-table lunch, partake in a tasting of local cheeses and charcuteries, and sample fresh oysters paired with the perfect craft beers, all while soaking in beautiful Penobscot Bay. And that’s just the beginning.

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Jul 21–25
4 nights (Sat–Wed)

Bar Craft and Cocktail Making with Bad Dog
The enthusiastic experts of Bad Dog Bar Craft will join us for this new and unique experience!

$1,648 / $1,566

Jul 26–28
2 nights (Thu–Mon)

2-Night Quick Getaway
To make the most of your getaway, you'll board at 2:00 PM and we'll depart shortly thereafter.

$888 / $844

Jul 28–Aug 1

Booked for Private Charter (book your group outing with us)

Aug 1–6
5 nights (Wed–Mon)

Eggemoggin Reach Regatta
The Eggemoggin Reach Regatta promises good sailing, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. What began in 1985 with 13 wooden boats has grown to an internationally known gentlemen’s race with 125 classic yachts of varying sizes and classes. Catching sight of the grand fleet is breathtaking, and being aboard is a rare opportunity indeed.

$2,088 / $1,984

Aug 7–14
7 nights (Tue–Tue)

Ports Unknown: Remote Whale Watching Cruise
Let’s hope for some whale sightings! On this cruise, we travel farther off the grid than usual and stop at some rarely visited ports.

$2,148 / $2,041

Aug 15–19
4 nights (Wed–Sun)

4-Night Cruise

$1,648 / $1,566

Aug 20–25
5 nights (Mon–Sat)

Acadia Cruise with Down East Magazine
Experience Acadia National Park as so few often get to – from land and sea. This exclusive Acadia cruise is created in partnership with Down East Magazine.

Email us or call 1-800-999-7352 for pricing.

Aug 25–28
3 nights (Sat–Tue)

3-Night Cruise

$1,428 / $1,357

Aug 28–Sep 1
4 nights (Tue–Sat)

Camden Windjammer Festival
We’ll gather with the fleet on the final full day of the cruise in picturesque Camden Harbor for festivities reminiscent of the days when hundreds of coastal schooners lined the waterfront. A parade of sail, flag-raising ceremonies, live music, dancing, fireworks – there’s something for everyone.

$1,448 / $1,376

Sep 2–6
4 nights (Sun–Thu)

4-Night Cruise

$1,438 / $1,366

Sep 6–10

Booked for Private Charter (wedding, reunion, retreat – charter Ladona all to yourself)

Sep 10–15
5 nights (Mon–Sat)

WoodenBoat Sail-in: Final Fleet Gathering
On our last rendezvous with the fleet for the season, we’ll gather at the headquarters of WoodenBoat Magazine and Boatbuilding School. Ashore, you’ll be treated to refreshments, live music, and facility tours. Bring your camera for a spectacular sunset at Eggemoggin Reach.

$1,568 / $1,490

Sep 16–22
6 nights (Sun–Sat)

Wine Tasting Cruise
Sailing in company with sister ship Stephen Taber, each day will culminate in a wine journey led by the talented Jane Barrett Barnes. We’ll visit a different country each evening with a wine tasting and a discussion of its varietals and viticultural history. The evening’s meal will include wine pairings which perfectly complement the menu that Jane and Chef Anna have created.

$1,938 / $1,841

Sep 23–27

Booked for Private Charter
(Bird watching, yoga, cooking, golf – charter a vacation based on your interests.)

Sep 28–Oct 2
4 nights (Fri–Tue)

Fall Colors Cruise

$1,428 / $1,357

Oct 4–8
4 nights (Thu–Mon)

Fall Colors / Columbus Day Weekend Cruise

$1,318 / $1,252

Oct 9–12
3 nights (Tue–Fri)

Fall Colors Cruise

$1,088 / $1,034

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